HEllo, My name is Eugenia Beecher.I am from a small town with about 1800 people but have lived in the country here for about 18 years. I just love the country. I have been taking photos now for about 7 years. I try to take a variety of just about anything. We are also the owners of 5 parrots whose names are Laughter, Gabby, Tango,Gizmo Petrey and Shrek. We also have a chihuahua/rat terrior named Savannah. Living in the Country gives me alot of opportunities to take nature photos, etc. I also enjoy photochopping with Photoshop. I hope you enjoy the photos I have and I would appreciate any comments you may have. IF you use my photos for any project I would love to see them and Please give me a mention. I would like to thank all the people that have used my photos and mentioned me . Please enjoy my photos. Thanks Check out my portfolio. Have a Great Day
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